Example project: Pondicherry Bug

Example project: Pondicherry Bug - student project

Here is an example class project that you can use as reference and inspiration for what to include in your own project:


I’m Bärbel - a pattern designer from Sweden. I love these Indian floral patterns - actually anything with a historical reference and try to incorporate that into my work as often as I can. And if it wasn't considered crazy I would probably dress as an 18th century woman... eh... well... I'm not that crazy. Yet.

My Indian floral pattern:

Title: Pondicherry bug (Pondicherry is a city in India and I just love that name).

Idea and inspiration:
I wanted to create a pattern with only two colors besides the off-white background - blue and red - and make a quite traditional indian floral style, with an indian inspired flora.The theme is focused around the striped leaves and the tiny detailing in the flowers. The insects became my favorites and inspired the title.

Here are the traced and scanned motifs before digitalized the post-it layout sketch:

The final pattern:

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