Example Class Project

Example Class Project - student project

Hi! Thanks for joining the challenge! 

This is your example class project. What I did was scan each of my illustrations, remove the white background, and put them on square complementary color backgrounds (perfect for sharing on Instagram!). 

Not sure how to scan and clean up your watercolors? Check out the final lesson video in Paint Expressive Florals: A 7 Day Watercolor Challenge (the first in the series!). 

I encourage you to paint your objects 7 days in a row if you can, and share them here in your class project and/or on Instagram under the hashtag #quirkyobjectschallenge. Please tag me in your captions so I can see your paintings! You can find me @julietmeeksdesign

Thanks again for being here, and let me know if you have any questions in the class discussion area!

xo Juliet 

Designer and Artist