Evernote, my new favorite tool!

Evernote, my new favorite tool! - student project

I wanted to thank you so much for making this course and introducing the amazing features Evernote offers.


My Worst Pain Points

I've had trouble organizing my stuff and info, even though I'm an organized and maniac person, some things didn't work out; I didn't have the right system at hand. My most common pain points I faced everyday:

  1. I couldn't find my notes! I do write a lot, and follow many courses, both online and in class, and it was annoying to find a note about one class one day about three weeks ago, for instance. There went half an hour skimming through my notebooks or computer folders.
  2. I take care of a lot of stuff and need memos, for like passcodes, license keys, the goddamn printer cartridges numbers, and I was seriously overwhelmed by so much information to take in, process and remember.
  3. I read a lot of blog posts, articles, videos, and some I would bookmark, others I forget to because when I bookmark I have to select the folder, then the subfolder, and give it a short name... It's a real pain.

And then, I discovered Evernote, a lifesaver!


How I solved my problems

  1. I now organize my notes into stacks and notebooks! I created sections dedicated to a group of things, and inside that group, a notebook for a specific topic. But there's also the use of tags for even more specificity! I love the search function so much. And did I even mention shortcuts?
  2. I also have notebooks for retaining information for me! No more sticky notes on the wall. Evernote has a mobile app, which is just perfect. I take pics/scans and put them in my notes. You can even record audio, handwrite with your phone, and much more. I have also made a calendar for course reference using one of their templates.
  3. I think this one is my favorite. The web clipper, by Evernote. It's a browser extension that creates a note for a web page as a full, or simplified article or just a link. You can even apply tags, and select which notebook it will land in! My only discontentment is that you can't create a notebook through the extension, but you can use what I call "a temporary notebook", named .Default (the dot so it appears at the top of all) and I put stuff in there when I don't have time for the time being or don't have the right notebook.


Thank you again for having helped me save so much time every day. Everyone should use it, it's the absolute best tool I've ever used.