Emerald Lake Perspectives

Emerald Lake Perspectives - student project

Thanks for the creative project Christian! This class made me excited to go try some new ways of shooting using perspective as well as getting out of my comfort zone by putting myself in the frame.

I drove a few hours to visit Emerald Lake, B.C. because I heard fresh snow had fallen, and it was going to be a warm day. I've have visited it in the summer when the water is an emerald color, so I was curious to see how it would look frozen over and covered in snow.

All my photos were shot on my iPhone and edited with Snapseed and VSCO.

High - This was taken from on top of a picnic table, other than the mountains around me (not accessible by road), it was the highest elevation I could reach. This perspective shows what the location offer's, the lake, the lodge, and the mountains. 

Low - One advantage of the cold weather was that this location was only comfortably accessible in the winter.  I trekked across a frozen marsh to capture a section of the lake that was not frozen. By getting low, I was able to include the log in the water which spices up what would have been a typical reflection shot.

Self - Nestled in the trees by the lake's shore a discovered an overturned canoe. I flipped it over and pushed it out onto the ice. I set up a tripod, put my camera on self timer and hopped in the canoe. It took a couple times to get right but I enjoy the effect of a figure "floating" on a frozen lake.

Tool - This shot shows a lagoon that most people walk right past. I enjoy the depth of feel that is achieved by using a phone as a tool. Next time I try something like this I am going to bring along a mirror and a Polaroid camera.