Embroidery Monograms:)

Embroidery Monograms:) - student project

The orientation and quality of these pictures are not the best, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I did it!! And once again- all thanks to the amazing teaching abilities of Dana Batho! Her tutorials are the easiest tutorials ever to follow, and you'll love threading that needle and listening to Dana's soothing voice every step of the way. Like every other beginner, I had setbacks: I would pull too hard on the thread when doing the rose stitch, some of my leaves turned out to be thinner than I wanted them too, and the lines I marked were sometimes not visible enough. Yet, I learned through this process to be patient with myself and to try to take it easy. I'm about to go back to college, and these monograms turned out to be the perfect gifts for my friends!! Way more personalized than a box of chocolates:) Thank you, Dana, for sharing your creativity and knowledge with us!!!Embroidery Monograms:) - image 1 - student project