EllieP wins the Tour de Text Curve

EllieP wins the Tour de Text Curve - student project

Well, it seems I forgot most of what you already taught me about Ai in the intervening weeks :(  Have had to watch this vid twice through, but have finally managed to use the old banner image that was green from a previous vid and make it co-operate with this project

First I experimented with text on a path generally. Bit crude but served my purpose.

Then I tackled the rest – learnt how to cut a shape apart which was surprisingly successful first time – as was finding the banner line and moving it down to put winner on. Maybe something has gone into my head that allowed me to even try these things. I then did 'not so well' trying to remember the recolour routine, so here we are with a bizarre and in-your-face colour scheme :)

Never mind – onwards and upwards to the last vid here. Watch this space! btw you were so right about finding the stupid handles being a verrrry fiddly job indeed!!

(Later) And finally here is the last component. Some things didn't quite go right but the principles did.

Thanks for a lovely and useful class again, Helen. I really hope I can remember all the things you've taught us, but I fear I made need lifetime access to the vids!