Elizabeth Suzann Instagram Inspiration

Elizabeth Suzann Instagram Inspiration - student project

After taking Tyler's class, I knew exactly the Instagrammer who I wanted to share with everyone as inspiration. Elizabeth Suzann is one of my favorite brands, but I became truly obsessed after I started following her on Instagram. She embodies authenticity and is using Instagram and Instagram Stories in great ways to further her brand and goals for her business.

This post is representative of the best of her feed – it's a photo of herself in the clothes she makes, so we get to know her and see how her clothes look on a person. The caption is all about which pieces of her new collection she ordered for herself, and inviting everyone to see them on her in her Instagram Stories. She also shares her measurements, helping potential customers figure out what sizes they might order as well as creating an intimate feeling on her instagram by sharing information that sometimes is hard to come by. Her whole approach to marketing, branding, and connecting with customers is awesome.

Content producer at Skillshare