Earth Pigment Play

Earth Pigment Play - student project

Earth Pigment Play - image 1 - student project


Thank you for your soulful and interesting class!

I found the 2 colours of clay in the Sydney region of Australia. They are mixed with egg yolk and tested on wood that was washed up on the beach. The postcard is watercolour paper.

It's been exciting to make paint with what we can find in nature!

The table runner in the background is eco-printed on wool fabric using the dye that comes out of eucalypt leaves. I wonder: Can clay pigments be used to dye fabric?

In the following projects, I used the red earth pigment with egg yolk more diluted for watercolour paintings. I love how this turns out:

Earth Pigment Play - image 2 - student project

Dancing Leafs:

Earth Pigment Play - image 3 - student project