Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text - student project

Hey there!


I was soooo excited to make my own text-based video, because when I started this class I immediately knew what to make.

Some time ago I made an illustration with the same kind of technique but instead of a video I used an illustration to fill out my hand-lettered text. The text is in German and says "more sea" (it´s nicer in German because of the alliteration and the very simmilar sounding words).

So now I thought why not make this illustration move by replacing the illustration with a video. This class was the perfect opportunity to make it happen :)

Thanks Julian for being an awesome and engaging teacher and for adding another dimension to my already existing illustration.

In the near future I´ll play around with this video a little bit more. Keep an eye on this project, I will update it very soon :)



The video I used in the background is from Relaxing Guru on pixabay.com



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