Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport - student project

My logo is designed for Dublin Airport in Ireland. I started with a mind map to generate some buzz words to base my design around. When I was happy with the map, I chose a few standout words to focus on and keep in mind for the design - Movement, Sky, Global, Plane.

Dublin Airport - image 1 - student project

After this, I browsed existing airport logos, to get an idea of how they feel and flow. When I was finished with my research, and had a few ideas to work with, I started sketching. There were two or three ideas that got fleshed out to the point where I mocked them up in Illustrator, but none accounted for all of the focus words that I was aiming for.

Dublin Airport - image 2 - student project

Dublin Airport - image 3 - student project

Dublin Airport - image 4 - student project

Dublin Airport - image 5 - student project

I eventually started sketching something similar to what is seen in the finished piece. A circular globe shape with an upwards trajectory. Seeing that shape resembled a lowercase 'd', I decided to run with this idea.

Dublin Airport - image 6 - student project

After mapping out the base shape in Illustrator, I wanted to see if I could complete it with an 'a' shape. After a few minutes of working the shape, I rotated it 45 degrees clockwise, and extended the overlapping part of the circle out, which gave me the 'a' shape I was looking for. 

I chose a blue palette to achieve the 'sky' part of my design, but it works in another way because the Dublin flag is made up of two shades of blue. I knew my design was finished when I was satisfied that it had ticked off all of the focus words I set up in the beginning.

Dublin Airport - image 7 - student project

Dublin Airport - image 8 - student project Dublin Airport - image 9 - student project