Dreamy Portraits (Brandon Woelfel inspired)

Dreamy Portraits (Brandon Woelfel inspired) - student project


In the following photos, I put all the things I've learned from Brandon's work and this class trying to apply them my way. I only used the light I had available. I shot at night and during the day as well. I used the things I had around with me at the moment to try and make my pictures more interesting. Finally, post-processing my images I experimented a lot with my color grading and also used different overlays, flares, and some other stuff to make my images pop more trying to give them a bit more character. I started all my edits in Lightroom(overall exposure, color grading) and finished them in Photoshop(skin, dodge and burn, more color grading, sharpening).


All feedback is highly appreciated! Feel free to connect ig: @ricardozvniga

Brandon was one of the reasons I got so heavily involved in photography. As I was starting I came across his profile and was completely in awe with everything related to his work... his colors, the way he used props, locations, poses, the rainbow effects, the lightning and how he consistently produced beautiful imagery without it ever feeling repetitive. It left a mark and inspired me to start creating images and hope that someday my work will be as unique as his. 


One of the things that always stood out for me regarding his work was just how casual his approach felt most of the time compared to other photographers. I thought breathtaking images required a huge production and crew to be created, Brandon showed me how using the tools you already have available and just being creative with them you can create such type of images yourself. Watching this class and getting a more in-depth view of that whole process is just pure gold and all I can say is thank you for sharing it, Brandon.