(Done) Broken Dresser -> Bookshelf Dresser

(Done) Broken Dresser -> Bookshelf Dresser - student project


I'm never gonna actually do this project if I don't report my progress when I'm excited about it, so here goes. So far, I've got a design! I measured my dresser pieces so I can try to use them as efficiently as possible, and cut out pieces of graph paper to play around with until I had something that made sense. Then drew it out. (Measurements are in inches.)

It's roughly the same height and width as my dresser, but I've about halved the depth so that the front part of the drawers can become the shelves. Ultimately, this shelf will be used as a dresser - the shelves holding boxes of clothes. There will be lots of left-over wood from this, so if it doesn't hold all my clothes I can make a second one, smaller one. Actually I might make a second one for accessories anyway that sounds cool. Or maybe I'll use the left-over wood for the part B project. We'll see how this goes!

The pieces I'm working with. It's particle board (as expected for a cheap dresser), so we'll see if I can actually work with this. The pieces feel very solid. I'm wondering how to deal with those rounded edges of the drawer fronts which I want to turn into the shelves....


Slow progress because I can only work for like 10 min at a time, but I decided to make a mini case first out of the smaller pieces. I did have to saw off the edges that have those little slots because those split when chiselling, but once I got rid of that, it's been going well. Particle board is a bit fiddly, and I think I will follow Teacher's advice and not use a housing joint on the bigger one and use shelf support pegs. But on a small scale, I think this will be solid. I think it would also work on a larger case, but I just have to be so careful and gentle with this to make it work.

Will post pics when I have more of the joints chiselled out and actually remember to bring my camera out to my work space.


All of my joints are chiseled out of the side boards, and all the boards are trimmed to the correct size now. My what-if question of what happens if I try to use the chisel technique on particle board has been answered: possible, but not recommended if you can easily avoid it. I'm glad this practice piece is small, and I will be using what the teacher suggested in my discussion post for the larger bookcase. This one will be mounted beside my bed as a kind of wall-mounted nightstand.

It's time to assemble this~


Construction is complete! I sanded it a bit because it was way too smooth and I wanted to make sure my paint was gonna not peel off once dry. It COULD be considered complete, and I have now done everything covered in this class for it! But I want to do some pretty designs over the base coat and then finish it with a Mod Podge hard coat water resistant finish thingy. Here is the (mostly) complete shelf!

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