Dimsundays - student project

The Feast of St. Pizza was awesome inspiration for my project, and allowed me to think of a funny family tradition of my own.

Dim Sum.

Every Sunday, me, my Mom, her boyfriend, and whoever else wants to join meet at 10:30AM at Oriental Garden in Chinatown.

As a bunch of white people, a lot of people think this is a funny tradition, especially since my Mom and her boyfriend go to a Chinese church afterwards for service.

The food is amazing - salty dishes, loads of soy sauce, fried dumplings, and tons of green tea are the perfect cure for a long Saturday night.

Over the years, we have brought so many new and old friends in on our tradition.


I created a name and logo for our Dimsunday tradition.

I also created a formal invite in the style of the "punchbox" menu to give details to new friends.

It's a work in progress, but so far really fun.