Dialogue - Aster's Flowers

Dialogue - Aster's Flowers - student project

Mister Aster waited with three pink daisies in his paws. Next to him stood his flower cart adorned with beautiful pots and hanging baskets. “Are you interested in a certain remedy?”, his voice was mostly air with an undertone of kindness.

Miss Fer Herr’s nose twitched, “remedy? These are flowers you’re selling ..what do you – ”

“oh no no no dear .. they are not just flowers; they are healing flowers..” His eyelids drooped halfway. His lips and whiskers relaxed.

She took a step back, paws folded and her long furry tail curled around her. With a sardonic smile she whispered “go on..”

“These daffodils control furball.” He reached for the irises “ these bring back the glimmer to your eyes, and there next to you – ”

“lemme guess .. those give you a scratch under the chin?”

Mister Aster picked up one stem of a purple flower, “ this is hydrangea .. a cure for curiosity”.