Desktop & File Organization

Desktop & File Organization - student project

I really enjoyed this class, and used it to start getting my files more organized. They weren't bad before, I could find everything, but you can see from the state of my desktop before when I was in the middle of working on something things would just end up all over the place which made me nuts. I'm also starting to get client files in the mix as I'm working with an agent, now, so that was getting confusing as to what were my original files, what were ones I'd uploaded to Airtable or sent to the agent or a client, etc. I've divided up the majority of my working files into some of the categories Kristina uses in her Dropbox, I figured I'd see if I like this system before moving everything into Google Drive and upgrading my storage plan. Here's the before, you can see I organized my desktop with an image I made (saw a similar one at one point and made my own in Photoshop), but it was getting super cluttered and some of the categories I wasn't using as much as I used to (and using others more than the space I'd "allocated"). 

And here's the after, I brightened up the background too and added in some quotes that I'd screenshot from Queer Eye (the quotes are on the desktop as screenshots, aka "one day I really want to do something with these"). Well, today was the day.

Now everything is nice and visible, and uncluttered, so I can really see the images I've chosen and the quotes. Much bettterrrr... I will eventually start relabelling my files with the numbering system Kristina demonstrated, but for now I'm just going to see how this system works at this stage. Thanks Kristina!