Denise's Custom Earthy Palette

Denise's Custom Earthy Palette - student project

I had a lot of fun with this unconventional palette! Here are a list of the colors I used in order starting on the left:

  • Perylene Green (Daniel Smith)
  • Sodalite Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Bloodstone Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Raw Umber Natural (QoR)
  • Mummy Bauxite (Daniel Smith)
  • Piemontite Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Perylene Maroon (Daniel Smith)
  • Transparent Red Oxide (Daniel Smith)
  • Lunar Earth (Daniel Smith)
  • Light Yellow Ochre (would usually be DS but I was out so I used Colors of Nature)
  • Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith)
  • Green Gold (QoR)
  • Viridian (QoR)
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Mayan Blue Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Anthaquinone Blue (M Graham)
  • Purpurite Genuine (Daniel Smith)
  • Naphthamide Maroon (Daniel Smith)

Here is my bonus class project showing all of the two-color combinations from this palette. The bottom triangle is the masstone of each mix, while the top half is the same mix but diluted with water.

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