Declutter lyrics

Declutter lyrics - student project

Verse 1: 

I'm lying here where you have slept

A thousand times

Promises you never kept

Preying on my mind

I used to listen to your breath

Like you were my child

You wrapped me up with silken death

Now you drive me wild

Trying to break it 

Some day you'll break it



You fired all your words at me

Emptied your armory

Til there's no more to say

Hoping that the fear could keep

The love from getting deep

Could keep it all at bay

But still it called out to you

I kept on loving you

As your bullets struck

In the end it was my love

That gave the final shove

To push me off the edge

And you blamed me for falling


Verse 2:

You're walking down the path we walked

A thousand times

The path that always made us stop

End of the line

I still listen to you sing

Like you were my child

You bound me to you with a ring

Now you drive me wild

Trying to break it

Today you'll break it