Dave the Robot Rave Waver!

Dave the Robot Rave Waver! - student project

It was great to be able to go back into Adobe Animate and start experimenting with characters and movements etc again. Jack's class was a visual treat and inspirational, with a fun mini project to make!

So rather than make a regular guy, I thought I'd create a little robot who sees himself more of a street dancing kid, even thought he still acts and moves just like a jagged machine. Guess what he really needs is some old grease, or a can of WD40 to loosen up those parts a touch!

This is how he started out, a mere collection of parts waiting to take shape:

And this is how the final animation played out, with Dave the robot rave waver, getting a bit spiky with his arm extraction and subsequent hello to the new world he found himself in. Enjoy!

Experimenting with creativity!