Daily Design

Daily Design - student project

So for me, one of the things that make doing daily pages easier that was mentioned in the class is the template. So, after figuring out a few things that I'd like to start incorporating, I roughed up some templates so that when I go in, I have options. I would get bored if I didn't build options for myself. 

Generally speaking, I work in three materials/tools: Ink, Graphite, and watercolor. Specifically, I use either mechanical pencils or whatever chunky pencil I can find (as it is more comfortable), Micron pens because they are waterproof/resistant, and Shien watercolors or Gansai Tambis. 

Right now, time isn't really an issue for me, so I can take the time I need, which is probably a good thing since I have skills I need to work on and have fun with my stuff. I'm using a lot of this in my sketchbook. I need to start keeping track of the work I do, like what I used, when I did it, and if it was for something in particular (like a skillshare class or something). That pretty much means that I need to include space in my page for writing although how much space may change given the day.

Here are my template ideas. I actually ended up using one for another class that I was taking at the same time as this. It made it feel a little more complete which was surprising.