Daily Art Practice - 14 Days

Daily Art Practice - 14 Days - student project

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6 - brush pen is my preferred tool and I'm comfortable with this.


Day 8 - thin nibbed pens bring out the perfectionist in me.


Day 9 - although I loved the ink lines my proportions were way out.


Day 10 - I have a better relationship with organic objects and thin lines


Day 11


Day 12 - I unexpectedly enjoyed this colour pencil line


Day 13 - i loved the rough lines created by the ink running out - less room for overworking


Day 14 - oohhhhh my gosh where has 'drawing' with watercolour been all my life??


My main takeaways from my 14 days were:

- stick to thicker pens or brushed as I'm less likely to try adding ALL the details

- be open to the unexpected results

- don't go into a practice doubting myself

- always keep exploring and expanding your skills


Here are two sketches created on ordinary printer paper with watercolour and a nylon brush. They took between 5-10 minutes and I was gobsmacked at how easily I fell into this way of working. Its certainly going to open more opportunities as an art and illustrator.

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