DIY Color Wheel - Paint Mixing Exercise

DIY Color Wheel - Paint Mixing Exercise - student project

Here's the Painting Mixing Exercise in my Introduction to Acrylics Course that will help with you with the very basics of color mixing by making your own color wheel.  Here's the link:

Beginning Acrylics: Introduction to Acrylics and the Painting Process

If you already have paint and a surface to paint on, go straight to Lesson 5 for the Paint Mixing Exercise. Also, if you'd like to download the Paint Mixing Exercise Diagram, it's under the Projects and Resources Tab.


You'll need:  a small brush or palette knife for mixing paint, 2 paper plates, one to use for a palette and the other for your color wheel, water container, paper towels or a cloth rag and four tubes of paint; red, ultramarine blue, yellow and white.

You'll never need to purchase any more than these four tubes of paint!

In Lesson 5, I demonstrate step by step how to use the three primary colors: blue, red and yellow to attain secondary and tertiary colors. I also demonstrate how to mix the colors black and brown, pastels, (mixing the lighter versions of colors by using white) and how to mix gradients, which is gradually mixing dark colors to light colors and vice versa. 

When you finish the lesson, keep your work handy to use for a reference. 

Also, feel free to add it to this Project Gallery so we can all benefit from seeing your exercise. (It's the green Create Project button at the right.)

If you have any questions, let me know -- I'm here for you!


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