D R E A M S - student project

This class has make me remember my roots with watercolour, how I loved the improvisation and colour mixing. The calm, the mindfulness, just painting and letting go. Abstract art has an unique way of showing something wonderful and unespected. As my father told me while I was painting these little works 'abstract painting works are always different'. There is something powerful there. Is your hand, your mind whispering 'silence criticism, silence perfection, just paint'. So, thank you Marie-Noëlle. Thank you for your time, your work and thank you for supporting new artists. I will enjoy doing more of your workshops.


I've called this project, D R E A M S as my first thought when I saw the three paitings together was that I felt like I was seeing a dream. Something ethereal, magical.

I'll start to mix abstract art with my current art style. I'm sure something good will come out of it.