Creativity and the Wasp

Creativity and the Wasp - student project

I caught a wasp in our house yesterday and put it outside in a plastic container. It seemed like the perfect object to draw today :)

I both enjoyed and was frustrated by this process. I found it hard to decide which rules to break each time, and felt frustrated when I had an idea that I didn't get to creating fully before time ran out. On the other hand, I enjoyed being able to let go of an idea, and pursue another direction without feeling regret or guilt. As I kept drawing, it became easier to accept when my drawing did not look realistic.

I enjoyed using ink and chalk pastels the most, and ended up using them on my two favorite drawings, 8 and 10. I like these drawings most because of the dynamic lines and contrast in color and value. I LOVED drawing directly with the ink and brush, and want to do more of this in future work.

My least favorite drawings would have to be 2, 3, and 5. In both, I dislike the flat shapes.

I think that 7 and 9 could both be pushed a little further. Each was drawn with a light oil pastel, with the intention of painting over them. I found much more enjoyment when drawing the negative space, like in drawings 6 and 7.

Overall I felt enjoyment, curiosity, and PRESENCE while completing this course. Thank you for this great lesson to stretch my creativity!!