Creating an India Photo Story

Creating an India Photo Story - student project

This class could not have come at a better time. I'm currently sorting through all of my photos from a recent trip to India, and wow is India the right subject for seeing color, contrast, and scale everywhere we looked! While I wish I'd have been able to take it before I went, I love that I can use the principles when looking at my photo archive, too.

I'm using this class a little differently, as one of my quarantine projects is to make a photo book from the trip. I'd love for it to be a little nicer than just our photos thrown together in chronological order. Cyn's class made me think about selecting a hero image for each section of the trip, and then telling the story of that city/place as it's own mini photo story within the book.

So far I've started to pull out some hero images! This got me so excited to dive into the rest of the project and really make something we'll love and that brings us right back to India when we look at it.


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