Creating Josephine

Creating Josephine - student project


Here's the shapes for my character pose... a bit about her: she's called Josephine, she's a 20-something elementary school teacher in 1961, Paris. She's bright, headstrong and rather 'modern'. She likes to wear trousers and loves the feeling of the wind on her face when she rides her Lambretta in the streets of Paris. Her hero is Amelia Erhart, and in her honour she likes to wear aviator goggles when she rides her moped. 

Which pose do you guys like best? 1, 2 or 3?


Thanks for the help!



Hey guys, just started this class and I'm really enjoying!

So far I discovered the two reference poses websites which I didn't know about and that's already made it worth it!

I'm going to upload some of the 30 second poses I sketched, and hopefully in a little bit I'll update with my 3 starting poses for the character... looking forward to your feedback!

Maria Lia Malandrino

Story / Illustration / Animation