Creating Drama with Light by Colin Swift (@colinscamera)

Creating Drama with Light by Colin Swift (@colinscamera) - student project

I know I'm very late, but I figured I'd share anyway since I enjoyed the class so much.


I had my good friend Jodi come visit my new apartment.  I've been wanting to see what kind of pictures I could take with the natural light because I have two big windows.  I watched this skillshare class right before she came for a visit, so it was good timing.  I shot with a Canon DSLR and used Lightroom.

2. Overexposed: 

2. Underexposed:

Correctly exposed and edited:

3. Tried both Horizontal and Vertical shots:

4. These are the two final edited shots I chose for the project, hope everyone enjoys, and thanks Justin and Skillshare for the great videos.

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