Creating Brand Boards That Make Your Clients Say WOW!

Creating Brand Boards That Make Your Clients Say WOW! - student project

First of all I would like to thank Faye for this wonderful class!!!


This was very helpful and I've learned soooo much from this!! I started with the class "Branding Uncovered - Color Palettes". This was all about finding your own color palette which matches with your personal (seasonable) color palette. Then, I went on to the class: "Logo Design - A journey through a logo design project". Super fun to design your own logo. And now, I've finished the class about creating brand boards. 

This was a looooot of work but now that it's finished, I am super proud of myself! I am only an amateur and it means a lot to me that I've come to this point.


Once,  I had finished the brand board, I went on and created some stickers (which I can cut with my Silhouette Portrait),  and I designed a seamless repeat pattern (maybe for wrapping paper).


It was super fun to do, and now I will introduce all of it to my website, Instagram etc.


Thanks again Faye!!!!