Coursewrk Supply Co. Winter 2015 Collection

Coursewrk Supply Co. Winter 2015 Collection - student project

I know this class is meant to showcase a t-shirt design, but I figure I'd just showcase my entire Winter 2015 collection for my brand Coursewrk Supply Co. Let me step back first and give an introduction about my brand.

Coursewrk Supply Co. is a clothing brand, but exists to represent much more than that. It’s a brand that celebrates creative expression and passion for what one does. It exists to inspire, motivate and to connect like-minded individuals who want to leave their mark on the world. To achieve this, our products must embody the values of quality, passion and respect for craft from concept, design, to execution. The brand’s products are the fibers that hold these ideas together and are what connect them to the people who wear them and represent them.

We’re all on our own journey and have some type of “coursewrk” that we do. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, musician, chef, dancer, writer, athlete, whatever it is that you do, the Coursewrk brand is there to represent what you’re about. Never slack. Stay on course.

The concepts for my designs tend to have a mix of school themes due to the name of the brand and nautical themes due to the ship symbol in my logo. The ship is a symbol for our journey in life and the path we decide to take. It's also how the the tagline "Never Slack. Stay on Course" came about. I like the unexpected mix of concepts because it gives me a lot to play with and gives the brand a unique spin.

With that said, here are the tees for Winter 2015:

Mr. Miller Tee

I wanted to create a professor character for the brand and pair him with my brand messaging to make it look like a lecture. I decided to model the character after one of my collage art professors who was one of my favorite teachers of all time. He passed away last year to brain cancer and I wanted to do this as a tribute to him.

Styllistically, I was influenced by 123Klan because I've been a fan of their work for years and I felt like that was the right art direction for this illustration. I like how they pair their character illustrations with graffitti and I wanted the chalkboard writing to be reminiscent of that.

Mr. Miller Inspiration

Reference photo of my late college art professor Michael Miller.

Blackboard Tee

This tee was originally meant to be called "Detention" and was inspired by the classic Bart Simpson visual of him writing over and over on a chalkboard. I wanted to have my tagline repeatedly written in cursive lines taking up the front of the shirt. The idea ended up evolving because I didn't end up liking how neat the writing looked in straight lines. I wanted something more expressive. One day I saw the music video for Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" video and was inspired by the t-shirt he was wearing which had very raw hand lettering all over the shirt. That was the type of expressive look I knew I wanted.

Blackboard Inspiration

Never Lose Sight Tee

This tee uses a nautical direction with the message, "Never Lose Sight" and the image of the Coursewrk ship going in the direction of a lighthousewith a skull in between. Basically it's using the metaphor to not lose sight of the lighthouse or else you'll crash and die... A bit harsh of a metaphor for saying don't lose sight of what you're trying to do. Also, skulls are just cool and I wanted a shirt with one.

A Crewneck Sweater  

There are no grades in the real world, so the A Crewneck represents what you strive for.

Do Chase Pull Over Hoodie

Do what you love. Chase what you want. Pull over hoodie with screenprinted back graphic and embroidered emblem on front left chest.

Winter 2015 Lookbook

A few shots from the Winter 2015 Lookbook. See the full lookbook here.

Photography by Tori Howard

Models - Bre Collins and Julius Torres

Styling by Bre Collins

Creative Director + Owner of Coursewrk Supply Co.