Cool vs. warm swatches in watercolour

Cool vs. warm swatches in watercolour - student project

At the end of last year I splurged on a pretty watercolour set that I've wanted since I was a kid when I saw the one my father had (but I wasn't allowed to use). It feels like have a little treasure box!

My goal and reason to buy the watercolour was to explore colour theory so I could apply it to my embroidery work, sewing projects and finally try watercolour. So your class was a perfect match.

I went with a Winsor & Newton set to get started and combined it with a couple of watercolour pans I got from a friend years ago...that's why there's an Ultramarine French Ultramarine and I was curious if I would see a difference (not really, or not yet maybe)

It's so helpful to see the different effects between the different colours. Before started I had no clue about the whole warm vs. cold within the hues, but it makes so much sense.

I feel your class has given me such a head start in understanding colour theory and mixing with watercolor.

I've recently started a notebook specifically for colour theory where I want to record findings, articles, keep tests like these. 

 I'll add to the project once I find the time to do a few more colour mixing swatches. I think I'll redo some of them on a size that fits the notebook better so it's easier to add them and slowly create a beautiful resource


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