Cookie - student project

Hello Christine and everybody!

So, I finally got around to illustrating my story from "Picture Books I: Write Your Story"! I liked it so much that it's going to be my first picture book and I'll be publishing with Amazon for Kindle.

Here are my deliverables:

Unit 1: Picking Apart Picture Books

  • Decision to use The Three Little Pigs manuscript or your own original story: I decided to use my own story, Cookie.
  • Marked up manuscript: I used the Portuguese text version to mark up, but I'll be publishing it both at and - image 1 - student project

Unit 2: Developing Your Characters

  • Character development sketches of one character: I knew what I wanted Nina to look like from the beginning, but Cookie took a little longer to "show up". The first drawings felt like he was like a "grown up" teddy bear and the one on the right with the shading kinda looked like a real life bear (which I intend to use on my next picture book project). So, at some point I thought it would be cool if his ears were similar to Nina's pigtails in some way, so that's what I came up with for him.

Cookie - image 2 - student project

  • Character model sheet: This time I jumped straight into sketching the scenes and forgot all about doind their model sheets. Shame on me! ;)

Unit 3: Drawing your Storyboards

  • Final storyboard: Here is my final storyboard and you can see how I make notes, progress marks and even tonal studies on it. I also used it to make a quick rythm study, but on a separate page:

Cookie - image 3 - student project

Cookie - image 4 - student project

Unit 4: Creating Final Illustrations

  • Refined sketches of your chosen spread: Since I chose to publish it for Kindle and they have a specific page proportion/constraints I had to follow, for this project I decided to make only single pages, so here is my refined sketch of page 10 from the storyboard:

Cookie - image 5 - student project

  • Final illustrated spread: This is what its looking like. The fonts aren't final, nor are their colors and also for my next project I'm going to work more on my lines: I think it would be cool if I showed less of them.

Cookie - image 6 - student project

And that's it! I hope you guys like it and I am working on the last 3 illustrations and the cover. Then I'll be ready to publish it as an e-book. If you're interested in seeing the book let me know and I'll post an update here and in the comments when it's published.

Christine, thanks so much for creating these classes! Both helped me a lot and gave me enough knowledge, confidence and inspiration to start my own project, get it done and even publish it independently. I loved it!

Olívia Pinto

Freelance Illustrator