Contour Faces

Contour Faces - student project


I'd like to start by thanking you Carly for this fun class!
I've been trying to get back into drawing for the last couple of months and this class provided the best way to do so! It was a great way to loosen up and not think too much about the results and to just create something (my perfectionist side was not happy)

I choose the first picture of myself that popped up on my camera roll as to not think too much about the image. The angle of my face wasn't the best because I was looking upward and that was not easy to portray.

I started with my non-dominant hand (which was my right since I'm a lefty) and the result was a happy surprise (drawing on the right). It definitely did NOT look like the original but rather its own character. I added a pop of color on the cheeks and lips to draw attention to the face. 



On the left side is my dominant hand drawing. I drew it a couple of times since I couldn't seem to get the right angle of the face but I loved how each drawing resulted in totally different facial features where they don't look like the same person but rather sisters or cousins.


My favorite part was the blind contour drawings. I did this exercise several times and tried continuous and non-continuous lines and the best part for me was how sometimes I forgot an eye or the lips and yet it still loved the final product.


Finally, I enjoyed this course so much that I ended up forcing my roommates to do it with me as a fun pastime activity. We ended up framing them and hanging them on the wall of our living room.  


In the end, I was very happy with the results and found that not thinking too much is actually a fun and easy way to loosen up my hands before starting to draw.

Overall, I feel more comfortable now getting back to drawing andI'd love to hear thoughts about my results, and thank you for reading :D