Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous Line Drawing - student project

Hello hello!


Oh, this one was a journey so it'll be a long project.


My first doodles were in of my art supplies. I went for my comfort zone restricting my lines. That was not the objective, so I tried to loosen up but drawing hands if so hard! By the end of the page I was just frustrated.

I gave myself a break and started again today. The next prompt was a portrait, also a hard subject for me. I tried though...

When we got to animals I was a bit relieved.


Well, I think you can recognize most of the animals, but I wasn't happy. They were not as loose as I wanted them to be, so I changed the strategy. This was the last page of the sketchbook, so I grabbed a bigger one and used a nib and ink instead of a Micron.

I was feeling a bit better and more motivated by now, so I decided to revisit the previous prompt.

The last page made me fearless and I decided to try a full scene.


Not perfect, but I guess you can get the idea of what's going on. I only picked up my pen to refill the ink, a bit messy but I think I managed better than I thought I would.


For this last one I made a full page. On my first strokes I got paint blots and smudged it with my shirt, but I was decided to finish it anyway.

I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of myself for pushing through and making some improvements.


Thank you for the class!

Attempting a 1100-Day Art Challenge