Content Ideas

Content Ideas - student project


Gender: mainly female
Age: 20+
Location: Germany/Austria/Switzerland/any other Germany speaking country
Job: mainly office
Income: 1k+/month (apprenticeship & full-time)

Life Motto:
"If you can't beat your competition, just dress better." (Anna Wintour)

Reading, Traveling, Backing/Cooking, being creative

Netflix, Prime, Cinema, Library (variety in Drama, Horror, Action, Historical)

How do they spend their free time?  
Going to the cinema, museum, gaming, reading, drawing/painting, eating out, traveling, concerts, cooking/baking

What are their guilty pleasures?  
finer things in life (eating out, traveling, fashion (mostly expensive items), gadgets

What are the things that make them laugh?  
(Dark) Jokes, Comedians, Memes, Cats, Puns

Do they like the Job they're doing?
Yes. Stable, good conditions, enough money, etc.

What types of things do they splurge on to treat themselves?
Stationary, Gadgets (camera, PS4, etc.), Food, Designer Items (e.g. Handbag)

What stresses them out in their life?
Money & Time Management, What to wear to work, How to behave,  How to handle Situations, Eating healthy during the work week, which TV/Movie to watch / Book to read next

What type of things do they worry about regularly?
Money, Time, Future

What is going on in their life that they're scared to deal with? 
The Future, General life questions. Money Investment (buying a house etc)

What would they want for a dream job?
They are happy with what they have. They just want to rise up in that field even higher. 

What would a perfect day off look like to them?
Reading a book at a cozy spot. Going to a Museum. Shopping. Eating Out. Cinema or Library.

Where might you see this person hanging around in your town?
Starbucks, Museum, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Library, old Bookstore

How does this person unwind after a long day?
watching/reading something, bujo, with significant other

What excites them?
a new release, new stationary, food, spending quality time

What angers them?
Lazy people, people with no passion, stupid people, talking about topics which create negative tension (e.g. politics, sports), violence against humans and animals, stupidity in general

What comforts them? 
Blanket, Candles, Hot Tea/Coffee, SO

General Life Goals?
Getting apprenticeship done/ getting a promotion, saving for first own flat/house + car + drivers license + whatever in this direction

What are the 3 main reasons they would want to read your blog?
1. Saving tips
2. Getting work + life done
3. Tips for the office environment
= becoming an adult?

What would make them share your blog with others?
- affordable tips & tricks 
- affordable & healthy recipes 
- useful office hacks
- office etiquette in fashion & manners
- bujo spreadsheets & other options for better time management and life tracking



- 7 Content Ideas

- 7 Habits of rich people to be more productive at work
- The best Handbags for the office
- Capsule Wardrobe: Minimalism at Work
- Useful & easy Bullet Journal Spreads for Time Management
- What belongs into the 'perfect' handbag for work?
- The perfect Lunchbox for Work
- 10 easy & healthy recipes for your Lunchbox!

Still dreaming.