Coneflowers - student project

Hello Riana,

Great class thank you!!

I started this  whilst waiting for the Misty Forest to dry. I loved it. I am struggling and this will take a lot of practice. I used W&N 300 / 100% Ct and for the flowers an unknown brand of paper I had. I used a ProArte 16 round brush for initial practice then moved to a Fuumuui 12 round sable as I was really struggling. I love flowers and this is a technique I really wish to learn but it will take me a while. As I do not have ink I just used a Cotman 2 round brush and some Paynes Gray. Not the same but helful for me to just practice. Will upload the wreath once I complete it. 

For the subsequent practice I used Kuretake Gansai and for me these are very different. I used a Fabriano 300-100% cotton - Hot Pressed and for the final a 100 % cellulose smooth white. I used Fuumuui 10 and 12 round sable, a very fine Japanese ink brush and an ink pen. I think I really need to proactice l loading the brush….

Great class thank you!


Absolute beginner, loving watercolour!