Composition for Illustrators - principles

Composition for Illustrators - principles - student project

I'm so happy to have finished my stamp set. There are 2 or 3 of them that I'm tempted to adjust a bit but overall I'm really pleased with them.

I didn't write United Kingdom or England as UK stamps don't seem to ever have that - they have the King's head instead. I created 2 'object' designs - the seagull and an icecream and I'm not entirely happy with the icecream so I'd leave that out if I had to pick just 6. I didn't add subheadings to all of the stamps as it seemed unecessary to write 'seagull' etc - I'm not sure it would add anything anyway. I'd love any feedback, particularly on whether the styles of each design hang together, and how well the compositions work.

Here are my final designs by composition type:

Object 1 : Icecream:

Object 2: Seagull

Still Life: Fish and Chips

Flat-Lay: Beach Paraphanalia

The Figure: Woman in a deckchair

The Scene: Bournemouth Beach

The Montage - Beach views and activities within an ice-lolly shape

And here they are in the stamp mockups:

And all together:




I’m still working on all of my stamps but it’s taking me longer because I’m using this project to work on my style and hopefully develop one that I can stick with! Here are a couple of my works in progress, do they have a cohesive style?


I still need to add wording and a signature and possibly tweak..


I might try reworking a few of my sketches still before I go for the final illustration stage..



I love how the elephant sits perfectly in the harmonic grid

Does the monster count as 'The figure' type?





Comparison of photographic and graphic compositions