Composition Class. Final project

Composition Class. Final project - student project

Final illustrations

My stamps set

I represented some of the main holidays in my city, using the different composition modes and trying to keep the color palette limited to a minimum. Certainly the most challenging image was that of the montage, on which I am still working trying to give more space to all the characters, meanwhile here, the first version.

Brain storming

Theme: Holidays in my city, Naples. Country: Italy

Ideation mode.

Observation Drawings

Try this 1 Two examples of illustrations based on a flat or perspective composition

Try this 2 Here are two of my illustrations, on the left the one I think works, on the right the one where something doesn't. 

 Try this 3 Composition possibilities

and Gestalt principles

Try This 4 Structures

Try this 5 Different types of composition.