[Complete] Sans serif lettering - 6 projects + 9 alphabets + practice

[Complete] Sans serif lettering - 6 projects + 9 alphabets + practice - student project

I am so excited by hand lettering. But at the same time, what gets me really excited to do always gets a little scary. I feel like this class could really help me loosen up and practice more. Sans serif lettering seems way more accessible

I started out with some wonky but fun to make Sharpie alphabets

And went on with the paintbrushes practice with some black Ecoline and water : I absolutely loved painting these! 

Pentel fude brush pen Silver black velvet Round no 6 

Zig Menso cartoonist brushes

Block lettering with a cheap flat brush (maybe 4mm wide) : it is SO fun to try to do the whole letter without the brush getting back up!

And the most fun was definitely with my SAA (The Society for All Artists) 12mm wide flat brush. For sure, I'm going to do some big pieces with this one

Some more practice (to illustrate a IG post on practice) 

I'll be back with projects!

16/10/17 : And here are 4 projects I made using sans serif since that class

The first was made using the Pentel fude brush pen and its amazing texture. The 2 others were made with brushes, ink and watercolour.

I want to add another project to play some more with block lettering and their shadows to finish with that class. :) 

I've got totally hooked between falling in love with my new brush pens and having the opportunity to practice lettering in a stressless way. I'm so glad I took that class, it's the perfect new milestone for my creative journey. 

I've been committed myself to use that new fuel with anything that I feel like writing to myself. I used backgrounds I did for fun a few months back. 

An easy and fun play with block lettering







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