Commonwealth: A Passion we have in Common

Commonwealth: A Passion we have in Common - student project

On a more than "regular" basis my morning routine consists of a 10 minute drive to Commonwealth Coffee & Deli for their Milwaukee Blend before I head over to my job as Sales Consultant for Boost Mobile. Today I decided to buy a pound of the Milwaukee Blend for those days I dont have time to take that drive. I took this shot with my iPhone 6 from inside the shop because I love the rustic texture of the walls and bold color scheme. Im a huge supporter of living local and being connected through coffee. 

SNAPSEED: I used the Selective Adjust to lower the Brightness on the bottom of the picture to add a darker but welcoming feel to it and emphasize the different shades of the wood boards on the wall. I also used the Detail feature to add a little Structure to the picture.

SKRWT: I used SKRWT to adjust the parallax, im happy with how the Coffee Package is in the center and the creases between the wood boards are all parallel.

VSCO Cam: I ended my editing process in VSCO to add fade, sharpening and adjust the exposure. I couldnt forget a filter so I used the E1 preset because I liked the mood it set and didnt drastically change much of the original picture.

When its time to order I usually have a pastry to accompany my coffee but today I went for a Breakfast sandwich. I am not the biggest fan of salty foods with Coffee, I mean is anybody a fan of it?  However today I felt an overwhelming push to just reach for that Wisconsin Special, so I did. A medium-rare egg, Bacon 2-ways, and Moneterrey Pepper Jack on a Croissant (All products of Boar's Head). The coffee here isnt served in fancy mugs so not much of the fancy setup that I was hoping for but I feel like the small steel table, hardwood floors and  some editing would make this breakfast a bit more appealing. I pretty much used the same editing process in this shot as well. Adjusted the exposure, lowered the brightness and added structure through Snapseed, adjusted the tilt of the picture through SKRWT and used the A9 Preset from VSCO to add a darker mood.  

Heres the bottom line: Commonwealth Coffee & Deli is the best coffee shop in the small town of Fond Du Lac, WI. We have one passion in common which is Local Produce. Whether its the Bread or the Coffee, a locally produced breakfast is one that hits home and tastes like home. You can taste it in the nutty flavor of the Cheese and smell it in the bitter aroma of a Milwaukee Blend in the brewing process. I hope my little project encourages everyone who comes across it to support their local shops and stay connected through coffee. Whether its a Cortado, Red-Eye, or Americano we all have one thing in Common and its that we enjoy a good breakfast, we enjoy Capturing a Morning Worth Eating and thats the wealth of life.

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