Column exercise - my sentences

Column exercise - my sentences - student project

My words were red, suppress and boredom. "Shirt" for red was a little vague but it made sense in my head!


1. He grew tired of the *monotony* of the chase; of watching his victims, scream, and *hide*; of drawing their blood and letting it fall.

2. I was in *denial* and desperate to distract myself, but not even the delightful *tedium* of the *sunset* could prevent the thoughts from flooding in.

3. James sighed, tucking in his *shirt* glumly as he scanned the "long-winded" "news" article in front of him.

4. "You got her *roses* last week, too - don't you think that's a little *repetitive*, *lover*boy?"

5. I've still stayed *closeted* at this new *job*, even though Phil is so flaming he's basically on *fire*.