Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy - student project

This was the perfect activity for a grey and rainy day! I really enjoyed the process and now I’ve got lots of new colours and combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of previously. Thanks Esther!


This was my set up, using resources I already had. 

Colour Therapy - image 1 - student projectAll the prep done and ready to get started! 

Colour Therapy - image 2 - student projectMid way through painting... 
Colour Therapy - image 3 - student project

The completed chips (for today at least). Colour Therapy - image 4 - student projectSome colour combination ideas. 
Colour Therapy - image 5 - student projectColour Therapy - image 6 - student projectThen I imported the photos into Procreate and created some colour palettes to use in the future! 
Colour Therapy - image 7 - student project