Colour Palette fun

Colour Palette fun - student project

Step 1

I love light, bright, airy images with pastel colours and the odd pop of something bright. I especially love pink. I find it gentle and calming and beautiful. And I love S-P-A-C-E.

Step 2

I had SO MUCH FUN creating colour palettes from my images - literally couldn't stop myself! I adore the sea and this features regularly in my photographs. I also love flowers and visiting gardens in the summer, so lots of inspiration from nature. I wear lots of pinks and blues. I hate black, I find it too depressing.

Step 3

This is my first ever attempt at drawing shapes in Illustrator and creating a pattern so please treat me gently. I found it didn't work with lots of my chosen colour palettes, so I had a go with the template you provided. All colour palettes came from my photos (above) as I really wanted to play with these first. In general I found there wasn't enough contrast in lots of them - at least not for the patterns I was using. I guess I had in mind illustrations of flowers and leaves and the like that I want to create and use these colour palettes for. Any feedback most welcome indeed. Thanks for a great class Faye.

This last one was from my Cosmos photo, but it didn't work with only pink tones, so I pinched a green from a different colour palette. Now it reminds me of watermelons!

So I need LOTS of practice creating patterns. But I'm enjoying working with colour!

In love with brush lettering