Color self inventory - BTATO

Color self inventory - BTATO - student project



I still working on finding my style and the balance between traditional and digital drawing.

Until I did this exercise, I had never realized that I had such a homogeneous palette, except for orange because of my tendency to draw people with red hair.

I have doubted whether to put the red and orange as Tom mentioned in the video, but I have believed that they have enough importance to function as independent colors.






I want to take this opportunity to introduce some of the fantastic illustrators that we have in Spain, although I have many other inspirations from around the world, like Tom


After experimenting with various colors from the full range used in my example illustrations, the winning palette is very similar to Tom's, but without pink, because with the extended palette I get those tones that I use for skin. I have changed the pink for the blue that also stands out in my illustrations and thanks to it, it allows me to have a range of browns that I can use for skin, hair, shadows and wood.


Project Part 1 > Sketches

I have decided to illustrate the food ffrom my hhometown that I miss and that when I go, I always buy to take back home, to share and give to my friends.

But I don't know how to illustrate with my color palette! I will have to be risky and get out of my comfort zone!



Happy with the result of the first exercise, I have not left the color palette and also the first time that I use Affinity Designer as an alternative to Photoshop so I have not mastered the technique much yet.