Cocoloco - Brand Story

Cocoloco - Brand Story - student project

I started CocoLoco in a time where I was unemployed and needed and way to keep creating and making money. I've been creating content for myself for a while and also worked for a magazine, so I though, Why not creating for others? The truth is making this desition was actually really positive because I've found myself in many new challenges and it has taken my photography to a whole new level.

Since I decided to provide my services to food and coffee I picked a name based on cocktail that is fresh, sweet and unique; kind of takes me to my teenage days. CocoLoco is in spanish because my main audience are located in Buenos Aires and it's easy to remenber and search on social media.

My service is tailored to every client. I offer social media strategy and management, photography and content creation and graphic design work. I am very coffee center because since I'm a Barista, I have the knowledge needed to create and connect with the coffee community. There's no one else prepared like me to listen, think and develop a content strategy that works and generate clear results.

The brand itself it's simple and minimal. Focus on the visual content and sharing the strategical knowledge I have.

My target audience are coffee shop owners and entrepreneurs that needs help promoting their products or services in a visually stunning way.