Cocktail Mix Shot

Cocktail Mix Shot - student project

I had an idea to setup a shot of this cocktail with all the ingredients. I recalled having this drink years ago and wanted to try to make it at home so figured it was good inspo for a shoot also. Watching your class helped me plan this out. 

The drink is a chilled shot of vodka (shaken in ice), served with a slice of lemon half dipped in sugar and half in espresso grounds. Not sure I fully convey that without a caption. I think I'd change this in a 2nd try to maybe include sugar cubes in the bowl and a shot of espresso in the shot as well as a shaker filled with vodka and ice but would love your thoughts on that! I turned the vodka label to the back to exclude the brand, but maybe a non-branded label that says Vodka would also be good. 


I didn't draw out a storyboard of my shots but I did a mock setup and shot it on my phone first, then I setup my backgrounds and props, that evolved after seeing my iPhone shot which was super boring. :)

I shot from a few different angles which was a big take away from your class!

I started with a white tile backdrop I made from your DIY backdrop class, but with the clear shot glass, jar of ice and frosted vodka bottle everything blended into the background so I dropped in a black foam core as an alternative. The base is faux marble made with contact paper same as your class, which I'd made previously also.

Here is my BTS. It was a perfect overcast day like you mentioned in your video, otherwise I'd have had hard sunlight streaming directly through the window just to the right.


Taking useless photos is my super power