Class Project

Class Project - student project

Social Media Strategy

Set your goals:
1. Drive traffic to my website
2. Gain new clients; ongoing clients
3. Offer content that is helpful to those who might need my services

Research your audience:

Age group 30-55
Gender Female
Location Globally
Occupation Small Business Owners
Marital Status Single
Interests/hobbies Church, creative endeavors
Personality God and family oriented, driven, creative, friendly
Lifestyle Business and family-oriented


Research your competitors:

Comp1 Comp2 Comp3 Comp4 Comp5
Number of followers 32.8k 3.7k 26k 3k 4k
What platforms are they on FB; IG; LI FB; IG; LI FB; IG; LI FB; IG; LI FB; IG; LI; Pinterest
How often do they post Daily 3 to 5x weekly Daily Occasionally 4 to 6x weekly
What type of content do they post Offers, expert advice, classes, other groups; freebies Tips and tricks, offers, opportunities for likes on IG; freebies; job opportunities Tips and tricks; educational; expert advice; how-tos; offers; freebies Helpful information; how to contact; tips; why you need services Tips and tricks; how to contact; why you need services


Objectives To gain new and ongoing clients
Budget Varies
Theme for your content AVA Colors and themes


What do you have to offer?
What do you offer? Virtual Administrative help: Document creation, editing, formatting; proofreading; data entry; social media management; logo design; blogs; and more
Work out the benefits of what you do or sell Helps create a more stress-free work environment; frees up time for small business owners
Who is most likely to buy from you, Small business owners

Platform - Which platform will you choose to use?
Facebook X
Instagram X
LinkedIn X
Explore social media management tools
Tool Notes
Buffer Free with 3 platforms