Class Project

Class Project - student project

Here are some of my favorite exercises and projects I made in class!

I loved copying the work of Andrew Loomis. I really enjoyed seeing the way he composed the portrait. I'm looking forward to using this idea in a future portrait! Here is his amazing original.


I also enjoyed breaking things down into forms. Even just drawing over the photos was super helpful for me in learning more about these forms. 


I love doing value studies on forms. This was a good exercise for me. 


When I learned about negative space, it made all the difference for me in my work. It was like suddenly, I was able to draw what was really there. I love using this technique. 


Drawing upside down is always fun! It really activates my right brain mode! :D

From this view, my drawing copy is on the left, and the original line drawing on the right. 


And of course, I always have fun drawing from photos. :) The reference can be found here.


Can't wait to do more drawing! :D


Thank you so much if you joined the class! If you did, I hope you were able to learn a couple new things. I can't wait to see what you all make :D Please share here! :))


Happy drawing!

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