Clara Vinsay (Archer's Quest)

Clara Vinsay (Archer's Quest) - student project


Name:  Clara Rose Vinsay   


Age: 19     


Home town: Fel Grindel               


Currently lives (if  different from home town): Fel Grindel              


Hair color: Copper blonde              


Eye color: Blue             


Race: Southerner, light skin.     


Height: 5.2 feet tall 


Weight: 120 pounds              


Fitness: Slim and strong.   


Disabilities: None        


Diet: Omnivore, though enjoys fresh garden treats more than meats and grains.         


Style of dress: Long stylish gowns. She usually wears light pink or pine green.                


Things they like about their appearance: She likes her long soft hair as well as her slender form.   


Things they dislike about their appearance: She would have been glad if her legs were longer.     

 Parents: Her parents are the king and queen of Fel Grindel. Their names are King Jonson and Lady Evangeline. They are kind and good sovereigns of the land, as well as dedicated followers of the Almighty One.              

 Siblings: None             


Relatives: The Royal Family is distantly related to the Elves of Callderen Forest.           


Type of house/ flat/ other they lived in growing up: Clara lived and still lives in the great stone Castle of Fel Grindel. This building was built more in resemblance to the great fortresses of old, and not the modern luxury palaces. 


Color of their bedroom walls growing up: Her room was square, the wall that faced the outside was stone with a large window looking out over the inner courtyard. The other three walls were made of wooden planks and covered in colourful tapestries that displayed wildflowers. (Pink, Purple, and red, sometimes blue)    

 A person whose poster they had on their wall: On one of her walls above her bed was a majestic painting of her grandparents, King Jon and Lady Olivia. 


Type of house/ flat/ other they live in now: The same house.    


Color of their bedroom walls currently: She has the same bedroom, though now she has a tapestry of a brave knight on her wall, not just flowers.        


Childhood pets: A fluffy white cat name Leafy, the King sentenced him to death after Leafy hid a dead mouse under his bed covers.      

 Current pets: She never got another pet, except for her horse, Lupin. 


School: Clara was tutored by a private teacher all of her younger years. She graduated early and is now taking a year off before she is old enough to marry.      

College/University: None      


Childhood friends: Donella Elmdaughter.           


Current Friends: Donella Elmdaughter, Archer Corelin, Darren Cane, and Lady Cary.      


Life changing events: First life-changing event, was coincidentally meeting Archer in the market place and asking him to attend the ball, where he would save the lives of her family. The second life-changing event was convincing her father to send Donella, Darren and Tanner to the Forbidden Island to spy on Lord Fletcher.             


What they wanted to be when they grew up: When she was younger, Clara always wished to be a Mother.       


Current job/ career: She is currently just a princess.            


Dream job/ career: Now she would really like to be Doctor one day.           


Hobbies: Gardening, painting, horseback riding.           


Favorite food:  Fresh strawberries.       


Favorite music: Celtic fiddle.                


Other interests: She enjoys planing balls and birthday parties for her family.      


Personality strengths: She is bold and if she wants something she usually can find a way to get it.  She doesn't depend on other people to do things for her. She is an extremely caring person.  


Personality weaknesses: Even though she is bold and can hold her ground against any man when it comes to wit, she often feels insecure when it comes to speaking to other royal women, and also people who are good at things that she wishes she was good at.     


How they deal with problems: She will pray about her problems, and ask for help from her closest friends. She would never share her problems with people she thought might be burdened by them.       


Biggest achievement: Her biggest achievements was helping to save Archer's life and finally becoming a doctor.        



Biggest regret: Not being able to heal her father.        



Life goals: To become a good Queen and a legendary Healer.           



Most important life moment so far: Marrying Archer and becoming Queen.     


How they would feel and what they would do if their house burned down: She would feel sad that the only place she had ever known was gone, but it would not burden her too much as long as no one was killed. After it burnt down she would work very hard to help rebuild it and recreate the word she had loved.               


How they would feel and what they would do if their mother died: She would be devastated, and from that day on stay all the more close to her father and friends, forever dreading that they to might be taken from her.     



What they would do if they won the lottery: She would instantly by herself a large building and open a hospital for the common folk.             



How they feel about Christmas: The people of the Realm don't have Christmas exactly, instead, it is a holiday called All Mighty's Day. It is the day on which they worship and praise the All Mighty One. This day occurs once a month.       



Where they would live if they could live anywhere: She would live in Callderen Forest with the Elves.      

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