ChrisC Phase 1 Digital Marketing

ChrisC Phase 1 Digital Marketing - student project

What are the 3 things you will be updating for your digital online presence?

I am a creative with a current focus on DJing, so I think 3 things I need to do for my online presences are:

1. consistent IG and tiktok posts of blends, cuts, mixes etc

2. Long form content for youtube and that can be of visual mixes, thoughts on a camera

3. full mixes for differnt dj platforms

All would then lead to building an email list, a website, etc

What is your objective and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your digital strategy?

My objective is to create a presence online. While doing I am also practiing my craft and this can also give me feed back about what blends, edits I can do to a full release.

For example, I about 2 blends a week for IG on reels for about 3 months. I look at the reponses and comments and see what people say about it, if a lot of people like it then I do a full song release for

different platform

How often will you be optimizing for the best results and checking against your KPI?

Ideally if we are talking about times during the week to review then it would be weekly at first to gauge

What have you learned in this process? What new channels will you try next?

It's a lot things I think about but it got be realizing how each from a marketing has it's place. Not sure if one is better then the other but they are all connected in some form.