Chocolate Field Guide

Chocolate Field Guide - student project

One of the main issues I always have with boxes of chocolates is that you never know what you're going to get. While Forest Gump may have found that experience to be profound and interesting, I find it frustrating when I bite down on an oozy cherry-filled chocolate expecting it to be delicious mint.

My plan is to construct a box that will showcase the chocolates according to the filling by integrating a map with panels, similar to an advent calendar.

Sketches to follow.

- Icon design
- Minimalism
- Efficiency / Functionality
- Ingenuity

Inspriation / Mood Board



I first started trying to conept packaging that would be segmented and could divide apart, but though this might be too convoluted, as the user would end up with a bunch of mini packets of chocolates instead.

This is the concept I decided on. Each box will be like a kraft cardboard mailer with a lid that folds down and over the top, sealed with a label that will display packing info and branding.
The user will open it to find printed material on the inside of the box lid and a thin vellum overlay that will partially obscure the layer beneath. This will have a design printed on it as well.
Once the vellum is removed, the user will see a box segmented according to chocolate type with mini doors that are all labeled with the specific chocolate inside. The doors can be popped open and the chocolates, housed in a layer beneath, can be removed.

____ UPDATE - JANUARY 23 _____


After reconceptualizing the chocolate box, I've come up with a new plan of attack. The Field Guide will now operate in a similar fashion to a colour wheel. I tried to devise a way to have this work as a box, but other than fabricating something similar to a Rubic's Cube, I couldn't figure out a way to have the open segments on the top layer rotate to every compartment below, so I stuck with a circle.

The top panel will have openings through which chocolates can be accessed. Beneath the top panel will be a layer of vellum explaining what chocolate is in that cabinet.

Each catgory has a triangular 'vessel' which houses the chocolates. 2/3 of the vessel is closed off, but 1/3 of the vessel has a cutaway portion, and the entire thing can be rotated to turn the open part to the top of the box.

As the top panel is rotated, the user can choose whether they want one of the chocolates which is viewable through the window. if so, they rotate the vessel until the opening is below the vellum, then pull the vellum covering off like a pull-tab.


An example of what the vessels look like:

An animated gif of the movement and scenario:


I had originally planned to do this with silhouettes and icons in a vintage style, but since changed to something more like a Boy Scout Manual / Field Guide inspired by camping and the outdoors. This will still make use of the icons but incorporate forms and organized designs that will map out the interior of the chocolate options.

I'm planning to finish this completely through a design and mockup phase. I'll post photos as I go!

Thanks for checking out my project. :)

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