Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory - student project

Hi There,

This is the very first comic page I have ever made! I am so excited! What is more, the whole idaa made me think about my past and things that I imagined but incorporated to my memories as real events.

I was thinking about telling a story about:

1. A black and white hand sticking out my wall waving over my bed when I was sleeping.

2. A little monster that used to live under my bed and wanted to kidnap me pulling me under by my shoe laces

3. Bathing issue - who knows what could live in our drains, right?

When I finnaly made my decission i started following tips given in the course. It was fun!

I was thinking about the layout and composition, and picture order...

Then, suddenly everything become clear so I started drawing:

And slowly inking (using Sakura Pigma Micron Pens)

And finally I ended up with this: